Video Gallery

The CLN, in collaboration with Video Age Productions, Inc., will provide a variety of video clips for viewing on line and for purchase on DVD. Through our sister site,, an even wider variety of educational and informational video will be available.

We also want to showcase video sent in by our users, members, and partners; our ultimate aim is to provide sites where video from people all over the world will highlight and showcase what’s going on in the realms of community service, leadership development, ethical behavior, global collaboration, and all levels of general education.

Our first series of educational video programs is the Key Leader Values series. The first program in that series, “Service: The Heart of Leadership”, is available for viewing on this site in seven separate chapters. (See the list on the right side of this page.) Just click on the chapter you want to watch and wait until the clip gets done buffering. The whole program is also available for purchase for $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.

The clip below is from "Ethics and the Media: The Problem of Bias," featuring panelists from a conference sponsored by the Ethical Leadership Program at Ripon College, one of the CLN's primary partners.

Ethics and Media: The Problem of Bias

Click on the links below to watch chapters from "Service: The Heart of Leadership," our first program in the Key Leader Values series.

The Blue Mountain Project in Hagley Gap, Jamaica

A Habitat for Humanity Project

The Bonner Foundation

The Kiwanis International Key Leader Program

The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

The Collector of Bedford Street

The Joy of Service

The video below celebrates the 25th anniversary of one of the CLN's founding partners, The Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program.

WRLP 25th Anniversary