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Tools to help you become a better leader.
Motivation, leadership and the workplace all go hand in hand, find out how to help yourself in your work envirnment.
Take the test to find your leadership style.
Learn about the similarities and unique differences between American and Asian leadership styles.
Learn how to adjust and impliment your leadership style, with these steps and guidence you can make yourself a more effective leader!
Learn about some of the most successful people in the world and how leadership helped them become as successful as they are.
Look at leadership from a different level, coaching and the different styles to help kids learn aswell as the coaches.
Learn how to help kids develop in athletics and help each kid no matter what their ability and help coaches learn different styles to coach.
Check out how to help kids in any sport learn how to play and have fun! because fun is what games are all about.
Find tips and different ways to have a positive influence on children through athletics. Learn not only about coaching, but other things such as parent-coach relationships and how to develop a positive overall program.
Take leadership and be mroe creative and connect with people around the world.
Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing directio, implementing plans, and motivating people.
Take a short quiz and find out your leadership style and how to use it to your full advantage.
By guiding children across the USA through the necessary steps, teaching them appropriate skills, and creating opportunities to tap into a variety of resources that allow them to inspire and mobilize others, RandomKid empowers children to solve real-world problems.