What's So Special About the CLN?

The CLN is intergenerational. We aim to support and connect the generations in their natural relationships as teachers and learners, leaders and followers, and participants in the life-cycle journey. We intend to avoid segregating real people into categories denoted by marketing labels like “seniors,” “boomers,” or “Xers.”

The CLN is comprehensive and holistic.
We aim to understand webs of causation in human affairs as organic systems within systems within systems; to help fulfill the promise of collaborative leadership in a wide variety of contexts; to celebrate the gifts, talents, and contributions of the entire human family; and to share the vision of creative collaboration through a wide variety of communication channels and media.

The CLN curriculum is grounded in experience and the best research.
We aim to integrate the profound insights of the world’s great wisdom traditions with the revelations of contemporary research and analysis, including the insights and practices of the “learning discipline” approach to leadership education (e.g. self-mastery, team learning, and systems thinking) and the experiential or “adventure” approach to leadership education.

The CLN is fun.
We aim to galvanize the enjoyment of intrinsic motivation and the creative impulses of humor, laughter, and play for the sake of learning, discovery, growth, and relationship building.