The Collaborative Leadership Network (CLN)

The Primary Initiative of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute (WLI)

        The Collaborative Leadership Network (CLN) provides young people and those who influence them with a proven approach to leadership development which recognizes both perennial and contemporary challenges, using fresh techniques and emerging technologies. 

        The CLN is an initiative of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute, Inc., an independent not-for-profit organization committed to the study and promotion of effective leadership and followership behavior, especially among youth. The CLN’s challenge is to reverse the widespread loss of confidence in traditional leadership behaviors, which too often rely on personal heroics and top-down chains of command. The CLN encourages participatory leadership through collaboration.
The CLN: Mission, Vision, Values
  • Our mission is to encourage, support, and connect aspiring leaders.
  • We envision a world in which people work, play, learn, and laugh together.
  • Our core values are courage, compassion, continuous learning, service to others, and fun.

An exciting new initiative to develop collaborative
leadership skills and values among youth in
China and the US while studying environmental issues in the Mississippi and Yangtze River basins
Watch the video presentation
of the 2013 student-produced posters