The Collaborative Leadership Network (CLN)

The Primary Initiative of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute (WLI)

        The Collaborative Leadership Network (CLN) provides young people and those who influence them with a proven approach to leadership development which recognizes both perennial and contemporary challenges, using fresh techniques and emerging technologies. 

        The CLN is an initiative of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute, Inc., an independent not-for-profit organization committed to the study and promotion of effective leadership and followership behavior, especially among youth. The CLN’s challenge is to reverse the widespread loss of confidence in traditional leadership behaviors, which too often rely on personal heroics and top-down chains of command. The CLN encourages participatory leadership through collaboration.
The CLN: Mission, Vision, Values
  • Our mission is to encourage, support, and connect aspiring leaders.
  • We envision a world in which people work, play, learn, and laugh together.
  • Our core values are courage, compassion, continuous learning, service to others, and fun.

                      Coming Soon from the CLN 

     Our Better Angels: Helping You Help Others

Our Better Angels will be a global online learning community for creating philanthropy and nurturing the positive side of human nature. Through layered philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative leadership, Our Better Angels (OBA) wants to help you help others to participate, collaborate, donate, earn, and learn. Members of OBA can be at home in a supportive global intellectual and spiritual community while also serving as the leader of their own personal community. 

The Better Angels system of layered philanthropy enables members of the OBA Community to raise tens of thousands of dollars every year for their favorite good causes and for themselves simply by encouraging friends, colleagues, and organizations to join the Better Angels Community. Individuals and organizations can join OBA simply by paying an annual membership fee of $20 and registering on the OBA website. Individual and organizational members are called “Angels,” and all Angels are encouraged to recruit new Angels to generate funds through eight generations. Angels who recruit at least 1,000 new Angels within their own personal Angel Community are called “Archangels.” (Any Angel who recruits just four new Angels, each of whom recruits just four new Angels and so forth through seven generations will build an OBA Community of 21,845 Angels and earn an annual income of $43,688 to give away or to keep. If that sounds far-fetched, just do the math yourself or check the “Angelfishing” chart below.) All members are encouraged to participate, collaborate, donate, earn, and learn through the OBA website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, You Tube channel, blogs, and weekly on-line newsletters.

§  OBA Mission: to encourage, support, connect, and celebrate the better angels of the human spirit.

§  OBA Vision: a world in which people everywhere work, play, learn, earn, and laugh together.

§  OBA Core Values: courage, compassion, learning, service, perseverance, respect, integrity, fun.

§  Fallen Angels Anti-Values: cowardice, ignorance, hatred, greed, short-sightedness, arrogance, cynicism.

§  OBA Creed: Based on a substantial body of scientific evidence, we believe that most people, most of the time, under favorable conditions, are reasonably intelligent, reasonably creative, willing to work hard for goals they believe in, eager to take responsibility for people and things they care about, and concerned about the long-term welfare of the human community and the planet earth. We believe that courage, compassion, generosity, good will, and good humor are contagious. We believe that the meek have already inherited the earth. In turbulent times, we believe we are living in the storm before the calm.